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Sell your property your self with alanya.estate.

alanya.estate selfsale is a new way to sell your property in Alanya, yourself. We have made it easy to save a lot of traditional costs away without compromising visibility, marketing and security. Safe, easy and inexpensive.

It costs only 50 euros in creation, and you can one-click ordering purchase agreement, photography of your accommodation, exhibition, registration of deed, etc.. All at some of the lowest prices. You can do it yourself!

On alanya.estate simply create an ad, write a good description, upload some good pictures and put a realistic selling price. So your ad will be displayed both on alanyas.com, alanya.estate and Facebook.

You can remain completely anonymous, no personal information appears in your website.

alanya.estate selfsale started in April 2014 as a natural extension of alanyas.com. Multiple users demand the ability to set their own properties for sale, and in 2014 we made it possible.

alanya.estate is developed and operated by the Danish company Alanyas there in addition to alanya.estate also operates several other websites.

You can read over terms of use here.